STSN Info for Hotels I've Stayed At

STSN is a "high-speed" network connection available in various hotels throughout the US. I've found them in Marriott's hotel chains, but they might be elsewhere as well. Below is a table of info that I've needed to get it working at the hotels I've stayed at. As near as I can tell, each STSN box has a hard-coded IP address associated with it. For whatever reason, Windoze and Macs have no problems picking up this info the DHCP (?), but Linux needs the values hard-coded. Calling technical support (listed under the cover the of the STSN box) is the best way to get the needed information. Just let them know you're running Linux (even though it isn't supported), and need the IP, netmask, etc., for your room. Since it's $9.95 noon-noon, they're usually more than happy to help out and get your money. And being on the road for work, it's worth it to me. If anyone wants to add to this table, please email me at the address below.

Update 2001-11-24 About a month ago, someone from STSN emailed me, asking about my recent experiences with linux & STSN after having been shown this page by a coworker. He mentioned that they'd done a major firmware upgrade a few months ago, which is supposed to work a lot better with linux's dhcp. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to stay in a hotel with STSN access lately. A coworker of mine did, and reported that he was able to get an IP address without calling STSN tech support. I'll keep adding as I get a chance to stay other places with STSN access...

Hotel Location Room # IP Netmask Network Broadcast Gateway DNS
Residence InnProvo, UT10510.80.196.47255.
Residence InnProvo, UT23710.80.196.141255.

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